Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Q & A: the Wisdom of Peter Block

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At the core, economic development requires people to engage in sustained relationships of trust, collaboration, and bringing ideas to action. Thinking, doing, and learning together.

Few people have devoted more of their time and thinking to the building of community in recent years, than Peter Block.  His best-selling books on Flawless Consulting and Stewardship reveal a unique mind at work.  It's been my privilege and pleasure to attend several conferences and workshops where Peter has presented and taught.

One key insight that Peter shares, is especially useful for us in supporting community and regional economic development networks:

"Questions bring us together.  Answers drive us apart."
What do we want to do together? Who needs to be with us to do it? What do we need to know, and have, to enable us to act? How will we know the results of our efforts, and learn as we go?

What do YOU think?

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Betsey Merkel said...

Thank you Bruce! There are so many brilliant, thoughtful, creative leaders who have brought their minds and hearts to designing solutions to the challenges of human change. And thank you for your generous contributions to the I-Open library, a wealth of wisdom to strengthen education, economic and workforce development in organization and community change.